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Mark Bird Vs Takashi Makimura - Video

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Mark Bird faced Takashi Makimura in Nagoya Japan - Its was after months of fundraising, training and anticipation Mark Bird travelled almost 6000 miles to Japan. He was part of A team from Northern Ireland who where there to face the Japanese at their own game K1 style kickboxing. The ProKick team arrived in Nagoya, Japan via the Hikari train to take part in the Hoost Cup challenge. Scheduled at 10am (1am UK time) the teams took to the ring. And after the fight was over Mark Bird lifted a top stylist award from the Master of K1 Mr Ernesto Hoost in Nagoya (DEC 5TH). There were 21 fights on the card billed as Northern Ireland Vs Japan an amateur challenge cup set up by Mr Hoost to scoot for new talent. Out of the 42 fighters who all fought under K1 rule - proKick's Mark Bird was chosen as the best stylist and was awarded the trophy.


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