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Mickey Shields Vs Jamie Bays - Thai-Tanic VIDEO

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WKN British Amateur Full-Contact Rules Title 67kg - 69kg - 4x2 Minute Rounds Mickey Shields (KickTec Scotland) Vs Jamie Bays (Cox Gym London). (Winner 4th round the doctor Stopped on a cut) The Cox Gym from London traveled with two fighters to Belfast for two of the six title fights at the Thai-Tanic event and the Londoners took them both.

As Belfast relives the wonderful 100 year-old story of Titanic, the greatest ship of them all, top Irish kickboxing stars added to the occasion with a spectacular Thai-tanic event of their own. The city hosted a Sold-out Thai-tanic event full of Titles at the Holiday Inn on June 10. And the promise of a great event was lived up to. " It was riveting, according to promoter and one of Ireland’s kickboxing king-pins Billy Murray. The Thai-Tanic event had everything a fight fan would want to see at an event. Great fights, great audience knock-outs and three new home-grown European Champions for Northern Ireland. Just real good well matched hard fought fights. Murray finished by saying, We showed the rest of the world that our fight talent here on this small Island is as good if not better than any other part of the world. Thai-Tanic was Supported by the Holiday Inn and sponsored by Schwarzkopf International. SIX BIG titles on the line with four of them being European and two British crowns which were all contested for on the day.


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