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Stuart Jess Vs Bo Desselbrine - VIDEO

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ProKick fighter Gary Fullerton was set to face Dutch opponent Bo Desselbrine in a 3 x 2 round K1 style fight at ProKick's 2012 Awards event in Belfast's 5 Star Hilton hotel however the East Belfst fighter came down with a last minute injury that forced him out of the fight. ProKick battler Stuart Jess got a phone call from ProKick head coach Billy Murray just that afternoon and he jumped at the chance to get back in the ring with just 4 hour's notice. The tough Dutch man got 2 standing counts in the first round and was looking like it might be an early finish but hung in there for all three rounds showing true grit and tenacity. It was the Saintfield Battler however that got the judge's nod on the night and notched the first victory for the ProKick squad.


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