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Ultimate Boot-Camp for Lords Of The Ring

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It's back - our all new Billy's Ultimate BootCamp for our 'Lords of the Ring' champions team only! Starts this Monday starts a week-long hard physical no-nonsense training regime which guarantees results. Boot Camp starting 6am from MONDAY to Friday the countdown has begun for September 13th in the Ulster Hall. ProKick Kickboxers on the up-n-coming Lords Of The Rind event 2014 - will have their own hard-core Boot Camp, starts Monday 28th July at 6am and lasts all week. They will all be challenged in the ring for the duration of their up-n-coming matches scheduled for the 13th September event at the Ulster Hall Belfast. Chill out with Milky Chance`s latest tune Stolen Dance as Team ProKick share a slice of their early morning bootcamp. Based in Belfast and the Home of Champions ProKick is the Gleesons of Europe. Visit to taste the flavour. This regime is for ProKick fighters only and is HARDCORE extreme exercising geared for the RING. ‘Billy’s Boot Camp’ is a Wide Awake Club - 6am in the fresh open air; this is the type of thing that needs to be done if you want to be a WORLD CHAMPION...


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