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WKN Corsican Cup Weigh-ins 2012 - VIDEO

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The WKN Corsican weigh-ins were like something out of the 'Kung Fu Movie 'Enter The Dragon' Toussaint Andarelli style. The ProKick team were in Corsica, and it was the day before 'FIGHT-DAY' yes the weigh-ins - ProKick fighter Darren McMullen was the only fighter from Northern Ireland on the card after other fights were pulled off the card.

Darren McMullen hit the scales at 74.1kg and was first-up to fight in the 4 man K1 style tournament. The Ice-man will face SaiDa from Osman's Gym in Belgium.

Johnny Smith's fighter pulled-out yesterday due to illness. Promoters and the WKN tried hard to match the Belfast fighter but the clock was ticking.

Thursday 26th July, In Corsica, the Northern Irish have landed - ProKick fighters Darren McMullen and Johnny Smith stopped off first in Paris en-route to Corsica and now the two are ready for a weigh-in like no other

The beautiful Island of Corsica was the next Port of call for ProKick fighters from Belfast. WKN Representative Mr. Toussaint Andarelli will stage another one of his unique style events on the island.

Darran McMullen at 74kg is in a 4-man K-1 Style tournament and team-mate Johnny 'the Gas man' Smith will mix it up in an international Thai style demo match at 69kg.

Fight video and photos of the event to follow


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